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Choose the Correct SEER Rating

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the unit by which air conditioning efficiency is measured. In the world of air conditioning, the higher the SEER, the better the efficiency, and the lower your energy costs. Higher efficiency (SEER) systems will normally cost more to purchase than lower efficiency systems, but cost substantially less to operate over time.

As a general rule if you intend to remain in the property where you will install the system purchased for less than 5 years, a 13 or 14 SEER option may be your best choice from a strict return on investment standpoint. If you feel you will be in the property between 5 and 10 years, a 15 or 16 SEER may be your best choice.

If you intend to occupy the home where you will install the system for more than 10 years, a higher rating in the 16 -18 SEER range should be given careful consideration, depending on your purchasing ability and budget.

annual_savings Use SEER rating as a starting point but be sure to compare the features of the higher SEER systems before deciding.

As SEER ratings rise, so do other popular comfort features such as:

  • 2 – Stage cooling operation
  • Increased humidity control
  • Quieter operation
  • Less temperature variation throughout your home

Superior air filtration and more

Don’t let SEER rating be your only factor in the selection process. Be sure to review all of our SEER rating options and the additional comfort features they offer to ensure you make the best selection for your needs. Call us at 407-951-8908 and we’ll be happy to help if you would like assistance.

For more detailed information, read our on-line tutorial and discover the truth about SEER ratings. Learn the secrets about selecting the proper SEER rating that contractor’s don’t want you to know. Remember, you’ll learn how to pick the one (and only one) right SEER rating for you home based strictly on a return on your investment standpoint.

Higher SEER systems offer features that may improve both your comfort and reduce sound levels dramatically so take a few minutes and see what interests you.